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Student Internship Application

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Student Information

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Will you have a cumulative 2.5 GPA by March 2019?

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My preferences

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Talk more than listen Listen more than talk
Think out loud Think quietly inside their heads
Prefer a public role Prefer to work "behind-the-scenes"
Are outgoing & enthusiastic Are self-contained and reserved
Focus on details & specifics Focus on the big picture & possibilities
Notice details & remember facts Notice anything new or different
Trust actual experience Trust their gut instincts
Like to use established skills Prefer to learn new skills
Like step-by-step instructions Like to figure things out for themselves
Are motivated by achievement Are motivated by appreciation
Like to work indoors Like to work outdoors


How do you feel the Richardson Mayor's Summer Internship Program will help you achieve your academic and future career goals? (Minimum 75 words).

What qualities and skills do you feel would be an asset to our hiring Intern Partners? (minimum 75 words).

Professional/Personal References:

Please list down at least one personal or professional references that can vouch for you in the event that the companies elect to contact them.
Reference Name Job Title Company Phone Number Email Address

Work Experience

Please list down all of your work experience, including paid/unpaid internships.
Company Name Job Title Start Date End Date Duties and Responsibilities

Community or Volunteer Experience

Please list down your most recent volunteer experiences, including church and community activities.
Name of Organization Total Volunteer Hours Duties and Responsibilities

Extracurricular Activities:

Please list down all of the extracurricular activities you have participated in that showed your teamwork and leadership skills.
Organization Position(s) Held Start Date End Date Description

Computer Proficiency:

Please check your level of proficiency in each of the following activities.
Activity Skill Level

Work-Related Questions

I would prefer the following type of job: (choices: Full time (40 hours per week). Part time (20-35 hours per week), flexible

Method of transportation to go to work once hired:

Will proper "business attire" be a problem for you?

Are you available to work Monday to Friday (with no days off) beginning June 5, 2019 and ending August 10, 2019, excluding any holidays?

By submitting this application, I understand the following: (Each must be initialed to proceed with submission)

To remain eligible, I will be 16 years of age by June 5, 2019. Student initials: Student Initials:

To remain eligible, I must attend a 5 hours Saturday training session on one of the following dates: March 23 or March 30, 2019 Student Initials:

If I am selected as an Intern, I must attend 2 full days (9am - 4pm) leadership training session on June 5th, and June 6th, 2019. Student Initials:

If I am selected as an Intern, I must attend a community service project in July 2019. Student Initials:

If I am selected as an Intern, I must complete my summer assignments. Student Initials:

If I am selected as an Intern, I must attend the RMSIP Celebratory Luncheon in August 2019. Student Initials:

If I am selected as an Intern, I must work every work day from June 10th - August 2nd, with the exception of an extreme emergency. Student Initials:

Violation of any of these may result in termination from my internship and the elimination of any further opportunities with the Richardson Mayor's Summer Internship Program. Student Initials:

Before you submit your application, please join our Remind communication tool so that we can communicate key program information to you:
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